Zecweb.com Inc. aims to provide secure internet zcash wallet subscriptions.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and squeeze your whole body together, Hold it, hold it, now visualize what do you really carry in your wallet. I think, license, personal id, a couple pictures, receipts, payment cards an a little bit of money.


Why buy Zecweb Wallet ?


Sending & Receiving digital assets over the zcash peer to peer network
Providing 24/7 synced zcash nodes to each wallet
Providing zcash digital asset transfers through an internet browser
Providing each wallet owner a unique url to access their own wallet
Providing each wallet owner unique url restricted to one dedicated IP address
Providing support resources & learning resources to understand the risk associated with digital assets
Providing each wallet owner with updated software
Providing each wallet owner with updated best practices to keep each user as secure as we can.




Location: Zecweb.com Inc , New Brunswick, Canada