Individual levels of risk is what drives economic expansion.

Transfer zcash to a shielded zaddress

Only hold enough zcash in any wallet that you need in order to transact

Hold zcash in multiple zaddresses

Hold zcash in multiple shielded pools

Get 2 usb sticks or storage devices and store your zcash savings on an external non internet connected device

Watch Online Video to Learn Zcash

Good Luck stay safe


Please be aware that zcash is a digital asset once a transaction happens you can not reverse it and neither can Inc. be careful when using our products. Please read an inform yourself about zcash/zec and the potential and limits/risk of each of our products. If you have a history of sensitivities to losing digital assets, loose security habits we advise you to perform all digital asset transactions on another platform before considering the use of our products.